About Us

ECO-Wood is a business based on eco-philosophy. The company manufactures environment-friendly disposable birchwood tableware. Chemicals-free and no glue. Only wood.

Birchwood tableware is made with care of the planet ecology and human health. Disposable tableware from ECO-Wood is a safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your business.


  • Birchwood tableware is safe for health. In contrast to the vacuum formed plastic, wood does not melt, does not oxidize and does not emit harmful substances upon contact with hot meals. It does not form hazardous compounds with air and other substances.
  • Wood has a low thermal conductivity, thus preventing your hands from burns.

Environmental compatibility

  • Birchwood tableware is easily recycled and quickly decomposes in a natural environment within 6 months.
  • Unlike production of plastic tableware, wooden tableware manufacturing process has no devastating effect on the environment.
  • No hazardous emissions and waste flow.
  • Birch as the main raw material easily reseeds itself in the wildlife and requires no agricultural planting.
  • Production waste is used as secondary raw material.
  • Tableware by ECO-Wood is manufactured from quality-assured and healthy raw material. The wood stays healthy and does not deteriorate during transportation, no chemical treatment involved.


  • Due to the unique location of manufacture in Russia, the price of birchwood tableware by ECO-Wood is lower than that of many other manufacturers
  • Lower cost of raw material
  • Close location of the production site to wood suppliers
  • Many years of experience and woodworking traditions in Russia
  • Fast shipment all over the world
  • ECO-Wood offers shipment in small, medium and high volume lots.