Disposable Wooden Tableware

Disposable tableware from ECO-Wood is a safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your business. Birchwood tableware is made with care of the planet ecology and human health.

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Global environmental trend - rejection of plastic
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Wooden Eco-Fork

Wooden Eco-Fork

Disposable birchwood fork. Length 16,5 cm

Order starting at 1.40
Wooden Eco-Spoon

Wooden Eco-Spoon

Disposable birchwood spoon. Length 16,5 cm

Order starting at 1.40
Wooden Eco-Knife

Wooden Eco-Knife

Disposable birchwood knife. Length 16,5 cm

Order starting at 1.40

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About Us

ECO-Wood helps businesses to protect the environment

ECO-Wood is a business based on eco-philosophy. The company manufactures environment-friendly disposable birchwood tableware. Chemicals-free and no glue. Only wood.

About ECO-Wood